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Top 12 Dictionary Apps to Use Offline [iOS/Android]

Choose & download languages Check out these awesome Spanish dictionary apps. Without understanding every last word in a word's definition, you'll still get a good sense of the word's. Jul 4, looking for a really good Spanish / English dictionary or translation tool. it offline, and it uses tons of data -- even when I'm connected to wifi.

Offline voice translation works on Android phones only. For iPhone users, Yandex Translate free; translate. You can type or speak English text and iTranslate converts into any of 80 languages, and will even speak the pronunciation back to you in several, including Chinese, Polish and Turkish. In a quiet room, its speech recognition was accurate during my test. The app requires an internet connection.

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A Google Translate screen grab. WayGo works similarly: Everything works offline. Pleco Android, iOS; pleco. WayGo is working to add Western languages this year, according to the company. This is handy and quick for conducting a text message conversation with a foreign language speaker. You can translate any replies back into English.

You can also switch translation engines between Google and Bing Translator, the engine that Twitter uses to translate tweets automatically. The idea is simple and time-saving: Just talk into the phone or iPad mic and the app translates.

7 Spanish Dictionary Apps for Your Smartphone That Are Hella Handy

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My details. We managed to have a conversation by hand-typing responses into Google Translate and passing the phone back and forth.

I often will just hand my phone over to a native speaker to type in their language prior to them handing it back to me to read it in English before I write in English—and hand it back to them. Is the future here? I felt like I was in a sci-fi movie just because I could hold my phone up and instantly read signs in another language. I did this when I was standing on a crowded street on Tokyo with all the signs and as I turned, I could understand the signs. Pro tip: You can also upload a photo from your phone if it has text! In theory, the recorder would allow you to speak in your language before it translates your message to the other language—and then it listens for the other person prior to translating it to your language.

I recommend downloading the keyboard for non-Roman character languages, otherwise you as well as native speakers will have difficulty typing words using your keyboard.

What is the best OFFLINE Spanish Dictionary for Android? - Colombia Forum - TripAdvisor

When I was in Japan, I often took pictures using the instant photos translation tool as I had difficulty navigating the right keys on the Japanese keyboard. Follow the keyboard download instructions at the top. We had to do this in Kosovo and it was a lifesaver! New Yorker—born and raised. Currently living in the Hague, the Netherlands after stints in Paris and Amsterdam. Lover of travel, adventure, nature, city, dresses, and cats. I downloaded the offline version long ago and planned to maybe use it on my Asian trip.

But then I never did. This is super useful!

How to Use Google Translate Offline Without Wifi or Data

I love this!!!! Oh wow! This is so handy!

How did I not know about this sooner- it could have saved so much hassle- and sign language- and mooing like a cow to buy beef lol! Thank you for sharing! We found google translate extremely useful when we were exploring Russia. Especially when we went of the beaten track. I needed it even when we were using the washing machine let alone when talking to people.

I have used the google translate website and that has been really helpful, but I never thought about using the app when traveling for some reason. It does sound like it would make things much easier! Thanks for sharing this info.

Best Offline Dictionary Apps – Hindi

Great tips! This is super useful — thanks for doing such a comprehensive guide! Wow, this is a lifesafer! I did not know you can use Google Translate for offline, I use it almost every day on my computer, and now with free roaming in EU it is much easier, but not for countries outside… my friend just went to China yesterday and this would have been so useful for her!

This is such a useful article. Thanks for sharing! This is fantastic! Thanks for the instructions and tips. Oh I love this post — never thought of downloading the keypad too. We found Google translate an absolute life saver in Japan, although sometimes it was fun to not use it and just go with whatever the restaurant recommended — being Japan, it was always delicious haha.

This is so, so useful!!! Wished I knew this earlier instead of trying to cook out of a Swedish packet by typing all of the instructions one by one I was trying to make the famous Swedish meatball out of Ikea gravy packets! Thank you for this! I never felt like I was using this app to its full potential! Going to save this post as a reference.

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Wow, what a handy thing to know. I had no idea you could use this offline. Just about to upgrade my phone so I have more storage so this will be the first new app I download. Gosh this is so insanely handy! Will definitely be getting this on my phone asap. Depending on where you you, I bet it helps with trying to learn a bit of the local language also!

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