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How to Submit Your App to the App Store in 2018

see url Next, enable automatic signing. When you connect a new device to your Mac, Xcode will automatically detect and register it to your team provisioning profile. Note that in order to launch your app on a device, the device needs to be registered on your team provisioning profile. Creating your own iTunes Connect organization and being the team agent.

Or being invited by an existing organization as a user with an Admin, Technical, or App Manager role.

Managing Users and Roles

Read more details about iTunes Connect user accounts here. If your app is free, you can skip ahead.

Releasing your app to users

Starting March , all iOS apps submitted to the App Store will need to be built For step-by-step instructions how to submit your apps for distribution on the. Find answers to frequently asked questions about App Store Connect. of the Apple Developer Program, you'll use App Store Connect to submit and Before releasing your app on the App Store, use TestFlight to distribute your beta apps To learn about the latest features in App Store Connect and to access user guides.

Set up any other country tax forms necessary. The bundle ID must be an exact match of the bundle identifier in your Xcode project Info.

Getting Started

The SKU is not visible to users and is up to you to set. It can be an identifier you use in your company or something else that is meaningful for you.


You now have a developer account Apple ID. Meet Android Studio. To create the full app archive, you first need to select the Generic iOS Device from the list of simulators. The main page for the app description. Make sure to review the App Store Review Guidelines before submitting your app for review.

Before you can submit your app for review through iTunes Connect, you need to upload the build through Xcode. Select the build you want to configure.

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This is where you will add the information for your product page on the App Store. You will also have to accept a couple of terms and conditions and contract, fill up tax and bank info — especially if your app offers IAP in app purchases or is not sold at the free tier. The website is pretty straight forward too. At this point, you have to fill in all the informations about your app.

The name, description, the category to be placed in the App Store , the minimum age of the audience and a privacy policy and support URL. If you app is based on social media and demands a log in, you have to provide a test account and password for the Apple reviewer. Decide if your app should be available after the review process or set up a future launch date.

Joining the Developer Program

Set up the pricing and also if you want to publish your app worldwide or not. The next step is to take care of the app screenshots, app icon and to select the build to publish. Use this link to go read more about the screenshots needed by the App Store, especially if you have multiples sizes to cover like iPad, Apple Watch, etc.

How to Release an iOS App to the App Store - A Minute of Overpass

Now it is time to add the build you exported from Xcode. The archive was sent via Xcode but iTunes Connect needs some time to process it. In my case, since I was publishing an app update, I was faster and had to wait about 10 minutes.

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